Workspace can be used to manage all the bookings, projects and tasks of your team, department, or company.
Depending on how you joined Cirkus you may have joined an existing workspace, or have had one created for you.

Workspaces are also the way to unlock pro features such as resources scheduling, advanced project member management, and additional storage for your team.

Using Workspaces makes it easy to manage users, roles, and task types. It also provides a separation between groups and teams. Members of one workspace cannot see the schedule, projects of another unless they are invited. You will need to create an workspace in order to use the following advanced features in Cirkus:

  • Resource Scheduling
  • Roles
  • Task Templates (Custom task fields, and Custom Statuses)
  • Groups
  • Triggers (Automation)
  • Project Templates 

To Create a Workspace:

In the menu bar select Workspaces, then click on the “Add Workspace” button at the top of the content viewer. Enter the name of your Workspace and enable the option for roles and task numbers. Next, select your Workspace type. Workspace types are simply labels you will use to differentiate between different Workspace. Selecting an Workspace type doesn’t change any functionality in your Workspace. Select OK to create your Workspace. 

To access the Workspace details, double-click on the name. Now you can setup your Workspace by navigating through the different tabs such as members, roles, groups, projects, task templates, resources and triggers.

Invite Members

Click on the Members tab to invite the first member of your team.

In a Free workspace you can have 3 members who can collaborate.

Members can be invited with different permission profiles depending on the access they should have.

These are the three different profiles available:
-Administrators: Users will have full access to the Workspace projects and configuration.
-Members: Users can create new projects, and see and join all projects in the Workspace.
-Limited: Users cannot create projects or see any project where they are not a member. They must be invited to participate in a project.
Click Done to add the member.

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