How to create triggers

This feature allows you to define some actions to take when certain conditions on a task are met. A trigger can be applied to all the tasks in an Organization, or just the tasks of a specific template.

For example, we can create a trigger to notify the post production team lead when a high priority Compression Request is submitted to the team. 

To create a trigger, double click on an organization to access the organization details and click on the Triggers tab, then “Add trigger.”

Choose a name for your trigger and configure the rest of the trigger options as noted here:


You can choose to apply a trigger to a task or to a task template that was created for this organization. 


You can chose to have this trigger activated using the following options:

Always - select this option when the action must happen every time. 

Never - Select this option when the trigger should not happen

If all these conditions apply: Select this option to only activate the trigger when multiple conditions are met

If any of these conditions apply: Select this option if you want the action to happen if any of the conditions are met. 

In our example, we will set up a condition for all Important Compression Request tasks in this organization.


Now we need to decide what happens when a trigger is activated. The available options are notifying or assigning a task to an Organization member. Let’s take an action to notify the Post Production team lead if the above conditions are met.

Click on Create Trigger and your trigger is now set up

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