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Creating tasks in Cirkus allows you to track what you need to do and when you need to do it.
You can create reminders for yourself, and also assign tasks to others, or a team of people.

This article describes how to create tasks on our Mac, Web and iOS platforms.

Creating a Task in Mac and Web Cirkus applications 

At the top of the Tasks Menu, click on the ¨Add Task¨ button. Then name or describe your task and fill in the applicable fields. 

Priority: Emphasise the importance of a tasks by selecting a priority level. Items marked as ¨Important¨ will signal a visual warning to the user. 

Due date: When a due date is selected, assignees will receive push notifications or e-mail reminders as task due dates approach. You can always configure notification preferences in the User settings; accessed by clicking the slider icon at the bottom left of the screen.

Assigned to: Tasks can be assigned to the creator or to others. When the task is assigned to someone, the task will appear in their tasks list and they will be notified. Tasks can also be assigned to an e-mail address of the person who doesn't have a Cirkus account, and they will be invited to register with Cirkus in order to see the task. 

If the person invited is outside the project or organisation, an administrator will need to invite them. 

Star: When a taks is starred, it is placed at the top of your task list. 

Tasks can have different statuses that are visible in the task list. 

-Not Done: This default state indicated that the task is not started. 

-In progress: When a task is set to ¨in progress¨, it means the task is being worked on. 

-On hold: This typically indicated the task has an issue and is on hold until resolved.

-Canceled: When a task is no longer needed, it can be canceled. 

-Done: When a tasks is complete, it can be marked ¨Done¨.

You can also configure custom statuses. more on that in our article Introducing Custom Statuses

Now you can filter the tasks list view by using the bottom filters. It is possible to filter by ¨task status¨, ¨assignee¨ and ¨assigned by¨. 

Creating a Task on your iPhone or iPad (iOS App)

When you open the cirkus app you are presented with the Tasks list, or go to the Cirkus menu icon and select Tasks
If you have not created any task or you do not have any assigned, the list will be empty.
At the bottom of the screen click on Add Task..

A new sheet is presented where you can enter the name of the task, priority, due date, project, and assignee, and attach files to the task.
Click 'Done' when you have finished entering all the information.

The task will appear in your task list if it matches the filters applied on the bottom right of the task list.
Click on the selected filters to change them if you want to see tasks assigned to other people, or tasks with a different status.

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