Assign a task to multiple people

You can also assign a single task in a project to multiple people. When you do this, you have the following options:

1) The task must be completed by all assignees; OR
2) Any one of the assignees can complete the task. 

Example one:

In example one, let’s look at a task that calls for a group to upload a new photograph to a website. This requires the photographer to first select a photo, then hand it to the web team to upload. To manage this in Cirkus, simply create one task and assign it to both the photographer and the web team, then mark the task so that both the photographer and the web team will need to complete the task before the it is marked “Done.”

You can also view the progress of the task completion by viewing the task icon. If one person finishes the task, the task icon will visually indicate a 50% completion. Once both team members have completed the task, the task will be marked complete and the icon fully filled. This is an example of how creating a task that requires completion by all assignees can be done easily within Cirkus.

Example Two: 

Now, in our second example let’s assume a task calls for a website redesign. There are three web designers on the team (John, Jordi and Jero), but you don’t know which one is available to help with this project. Simply assign the task to all three, and see which one claims the task. Once this person is done, they can mark the task complete and it will be "Done" for everyone. This is a great way to assign a task to a team of individuals and letting them decide who should take the task.

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