Using Roles in Cirkus

Using roles is a great way to collaborate with a group of people performing the same function in a project.
For example, if you have a team of technicians and you have tasks that any of the technicians can pick up, you can assign your task to the “Technician” role rather than to an individual. All the individuals who have that role will be notified of the task, and can pick it up and assign it to themselves. It’s also possible to mention roles in comments. Using roles in comments can direct a comment to a group of specialists or a team.

Create roles:

In order to create a role, you will first need to create an Organization and enable roles within that organization. Please refer to our tutorial video on Organizations, or this support article  if you don’t know how to create one.
Once you have created your Organization, click on “Organizations” in the menu bar, then double click the Organization name. Next, click on the roles tab and write the role name in the “Add Role” field and hit enter.

From the members tab you can add a new member and assign a role to them, or double-click on an existing member to update their roles. In the pop up window, under the roles section, you will see the roles that you have created. From here, you can select the check box next to the role or roles that this person will perform. You can also create new roles right from this window by clicking on the + sign at the bottom of the roles section. When you are finished, click Done.
You can see each Member’s role displayed in the Members list.

Applying roles to a project:

To apply a role to a project, first double-click on a project then navigate to the roles tab and add the roles you want assigned to this project. Note that if the role has already been created in this Organization, it will be suggested as you type its name.  You can also create a new role from here by typing in a role name and hit enter. Navigate to the members tab to assign the available roles to the members of this project.

Assigning a task to a role:

Now, you are all set to assign tasks to roles and anyone with the role can pick it up You can also select the “multiple assignment” option and assign a single task to both roles and individuals. 

Mentioning a role in a task comment:

As mentioned earlier, you can send a comment to a role, thereby directing your comment to a group. When commenting in the collaboration area, use @ to mention a role in your comment. Individuals with this role will receive notification of your message. 

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