Set Reminders

What do I need to do today?
Setting due date reminders are a great way of keeping track of what tasks are important to get done today.

When a due date is selected, assignees will receive push notifications or e-mail reminders as task due dates approach.

You can also filter by due date in your Tasks list to see which tasks are due today.

To set a Due Date on a task

On your iPhone or iPad , select the task, and click Add Due Date.
A month view is presented from where you can select a date, or select from some convenient defaults. Click Done.


In Mac and Web select the task and update the Due date

To see tasks that are Due today, 

You can filter by "Due" in any task list.

On iOS you access the task filters as below, and on Mac and Web you can filter using the "Showing" selectors at the bottom of the task list.
When the "Due" filter is selected, tasks that are due today and overview will show in the task list.

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