Schedule Statuses

It’s now possible to set a Status on Bookings and Tasks in your Schedule.

You can pencil in a Booking and confirm it later, or change a confirmed booking to be draft if plans change.


Set Up Booking Statuses for your Workspace

Booking Statuses are defined on a Workspace level and are available on all Scheduled Bookings and Tasks within that workspace.

To create a new Status

As a Workspace Admin, go to the Workspace Info tab, Schedule section.

In the Booking Statuses section, select + or Add New

A New Status window will show where you can set a name for the Status, a color (which will be visible in the Schedule and Task/Booking), and a Type.
The available Types are Confirmed and Unconfirmed.

When your Booking Statuses are created you can reorder them in the list, or add / remove Booking Statuses as needed.

The order shown in the Workspace List is the order which will be presented in the Status selector in each Task or Booking.

To Remove a Status

On Cirkus web: hover over the status and click the (-) option
On Cirkus mac: right click, Delete Status

To Edit a Status

On Cirkus web: Click on the Status name and an edit dialog will show
On Cirkus mac: Double click on the Status name and an edit dialog will show

Note: if you remove or add a booking status here this will only apply to new Bookings/Tasks. Existing Bookings tasks will be be impacted by the changes.

As a Workspace Admin you can rename, reorder or hide the Schedule Status field in your Task and Booking Templates, and set the Allowed Schedule Status per Template.

Working with Schedule Statuses 

When you create a new Booking, or Schedule Task (Task with start/end dates), you will have the option to set the Schedule Status when creating a New Booking or Task.
The available statuses are those defined on the Workspace level.

It is possible to select status “None”

History and Notifications

When a Status is set, it can be edited by anyone who has permissions to Edit the task or Booking information.

When the Status is changed, this change is notified by email, Inbox and push notification, to all Involved on the Booking or Task, and the action is logged in the Basic and Detailed Activity.

Allowed Schedule Status by Task or Booking Type (Template)

In Each Task or Booking Template you can select the “Allowed Schedule Status” for that Template.
This will apply to any requests submitted using that template
Note: the restriction is only at creation/submission. After creation the status can be set to any Status in the workspace.

Set up on the Template by Workspace Admin

Request View - Shows limited options for Status on Request screen

Learn more about Booking Templates and Task Templates.

Schedule Status and Schedule Appearance

How Schedule Statuses are shown in the Schedule can be set at a Workspace or Personal Preference level.
The options are outlined in this related article on Customising your Schedule View

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