Cirkus Scheduling Basics

You can use Cirkus to schedule Members, Roles or Resources in your team and see at a glance what they are working on.

You can also link Bookings to your Cirkus Tasks and Projects, and collaborate within the Booking.

You can add start and end date to Tasks and view them on a Schedule.

You will need to have a Workspace to schedule your team.
- In a Free Workspace, you can create unlimited Bookings and schedules for your team.

- In a Pro Workspace (or your on-premise Cirkus server), you can also manage bookings for equipment and rooms, and you can invite a larger team. for more information on our Pro plans visit

Create a New Booking 

Go to the Schedule item in the left menu.
By default you can see your own Tasks and Bookings, you can use the filter on the top left on mac, or bottom right on web/iOS to switch between your own Schedule and that of your Workspace.

In the Workspace view, all of the Members of your Workspace are displayed on the left, grouped by their role if you use Roles.

Click and drag to create a placeholder Booking on the Role or Member you would like to book.

You can click and drag to create multiple placeholders before clicking the [+] button to create more complex bookings.

Note: after creating the placeholders you can select Add Task, or Add Booking from the + menu on top right on web, or bottom left on mac. By default the + action opens a New Booking sheet, on mac you can hold down the option key to create a New Task instead.
In the New Booking, the resources and times selected int he placeholder will be populated, and you can select Members, Roles and Resources to add.

Fill in the details, and color, and optionally associate the booking with a Project, Subproject, or Task.

If you can't find the Project or Task you are looking for, or you want to create a new one, you can do so from the selectors here using the [Add Task], or [Add Project] options.

Click OK and the booking is made.
You can inspect the booking on the Inspector pane on the right.

The people involved will be notified that they have been added to a new booking, and of any subsequent changes.
From the notifications you can click "See In Schedule" to be brought to that Booking in the Schedule view.

Collaborate, Edit, and Update Bookings

Add Comments, Files and Collaborate

You can collaborate on a booking as you do on a task, with comments, mentions and file sharing in the Inspector.

Moving a Booking

You can move a booking by clicking once on the Booking and dragging it to the target time.
This will move the booking for all Involved.
On mac you can hold down the CMD key when making your selection, and select only that resource, if you only want to move the Booking for one resource.

You can also edit the start and end time in the Booking Inspector for all Involved, or editing each event for each Involved if you want them to have different times.

Crop/Extend a Booking

You can shorten or extend a booking by clicking once on the edge of the booking cell and dragging it to the target time. You will be presented with a confirmation of the new times.
On mac you can hold down the CMD key when making your selection, and select only that resource, if you only want to change the Booking for one resource.

You can also edit the start and end time in the Booking Inspector for all Involved, or editing each event for each Involved if you want them to have different in and out times.

Edit those involved in a Booking


You can add additional Members, Roles or Resources to a booking by dragging the resource name from the left to the booking event, until the green (+) sign shows. When you drop them there a new event will be created for them.

Replacing Involved

To replace one resource with another, drag the booking to the target row, or update those Involved in the Booking inspector.

Removing Involved

To remove a resource, unselect it from the booking Inspector.

On mac, you can also select the cell for only that resource , with a CMD+click, and then backspace to remove that resources 

Recurring Bookings

You can make a Booking recurring on a schedule.
Go to the Options menu and select Repeat >Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, or Custom.
You can select from this list for the standard repeats, or Custom to access more advanced settings.

Selecting Custom allows to select advanced patterns, including end dates, skipped days and intervals
Select OK and the booking is set to repeat. it will now show on the schedule for the future recurrences too.

IF you edit a Booking which is part of a recurrence, i.e changing Involved or time,  you will be prompted if you want to update just that occurrence or also later ones.

A circular arrow shows in the top of the inspector to indicate that it is part of a repeating series. To edit the series, to the repeat menu again - selecting new options, or `Never` to stop any later repeats.

Deleting a Booking

On Web: open the Booking in the Inspector and go to the Options menu top right, then Delete Booking

Mac: Select the booking and backspace 

Adding Resources to your Workspace

You can add Resources, like rooms or equipment to your Workspace, and they will be bookable on Bookings.

To set up Resources  as a Workspace Admin, go to Workspaces in the left menu, and double click the workspace name.

Note: You will need to have a Pro Workspace to add resources.

Select “Resource Categories” and add a grouping for your resource type, click [Add Resource Category].

Now go to “Resources” and we can add some Resources to that Category.
Optionally add an icon for each resource that you include.

Back in your schedule, the new resources will appear on the left in their resource category.

Personalize your View

Use the tools and calendar at the top to navigate, and zoom in to a specific date range.
You can also make “personal bookings”, and change the Workspace selector to "Your Name".
Personal Bookings are not visible to other workspace members, but your availability will be greyed out in the workspace view.

To customize your view of the team schedule, use the filter options, or choose from recently saved views.

Booking Template

As a Workspace Admin, we can also add “Booking Templates”, which will help to populate the booking details for common booking types.
Go to Workspaces in the left menu, and double-click the workspace name.
Go to the “Booking Templates” tab and create a template for the Booking type you want to reuse.

Double-click on the Booking template to add a default description, color, and custom fields.
To learn more about the custom field types, check out our Task Templates training video.

When you create a new booking, you can select from the available booking templates in the Workspace, and complete the custom fields as they are set up.

The booking will be created with the color selected in the template.

Scheduling Tasks

You can pin a Task or Subtask to the schedule, by setting the date and time it will start and end.


- the Start/End are a special fields that enable the task to show in the schedule. It is no longer possible to set only the start or end date. If you need to set only one of them for your workflow, you will need to use a Task Template where those fields are renamed, or made mandatory, or hidden.
- Tasks will show on their Assignee Row in the schedule - either Member or Role row.

Schedule an existing Task/Subtask

To Schedule a task, select the Start/End date selector to select when the Task should be booked.

In the Schedule the task will show on the Assignees row at the specified time

You can also select one or multiple tasks (or subtasks) and right click to set the start/end date range and quickly get them on the Schedule.

Schedule a New Task

It's possible to create a new task directly in the Schedule view, 
- On Mac: after creating the placeholder,  either hold down the Option key, before clicking the + or go to the Add menu on the bottom right and click Add Task
- On Web: after creating the placeholder,   go to the + menu on the top right and click Add Task



You will be presented with the New Task Sheet and from there you will need to select the Project, and can optionally select more assignees, choose the name and create the task

Click OK and the task is created in the project and on the schedule

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