Collaborating in Cirkus using Markdown

In Cirkus comments, and many of the custom fields you can use markdown formatting to bring emphasis or clarity to your text.

Cirkus markdown follows a standard markdown format and you can access a Markdown tip while editing your comments.

See the examples below for the syntax and output you can expect.
The example here is for a task comment, but markdown in supported in many text fields, such as Description, and custom fields on Tasks, Projects and Bookings. 

Text in Edit Mode
Submitted / Formatted content

*This is some text in Bold*

_This is Italic_

-This is Strikethrough-

Bulleted list

- option 1

- option 2

quote from document

> Delivery is expected in 90 days from receipt

`This is Code format`


This text is a block of preformatted in a paragraph.

Where we can give emphasis.


^This is some text I’d like to really highlight^

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