Using Tabs in the Cirkus Mac application

A really handy way to navigate your various tasks and projects is to use tabs within the Cirkus Mac App.

To Open a new tab 

  • Use the keyboard shortcut Command + T
  • Or click the New Tab button  in the tab bar or
  • Or choose File > New Tab

Navigating between tabs

  • To move between tabs: Click a tab or press Control-Tab or Control-Shift-Tab to go to the next or previous tab.
  • Reorder tabs: Drag a tab left or right.
  • If you want a tab to be a separate window, select the tab, then choose Window > Move Tab to New Window, or just drag the tab out of the window.

To Close a tab
  • Close a tab: Move the pointer over the tab, then click the Close button .
  • Close all other tabs: Move the pointer over the tab you want to keep open, then Option-click the Close button.

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