Invite team members to your Tasks, Projects and Workspace

Invite team members to a Workspace

Invite people to your Workspace when you need to collaborate with them often and you want to benefit from using the Workspace advanced features which can be applied to your team when they belong to your Workspace. 

These are the advanced features that you can use with your team when they are added to your Workspace:

  • Resource Scheduling
  • Roles
  • Task Templates (Custom task fields, and Custom Statuses)
  • Groups
  • Triggers
  • Project Templates 

1. Click on the Members tab to invite the first member of your team.

Members can be invited with different permission profiles depending on the access they should have. 

These are the three different profiles available:
-Administrators: Full access to the Workspace Team, Projects, Templates and Configuration. 
Can Time Report for themselves and others.
-Members: Can see and join all Projects in the Workspace. 
Can Time Report for themselves and see others Time Reports.
-Limited: Can only see Projects they have been added
. Can Time Report for themselves and see only their own Time Reports.

2. Click Done to add the member.

Note: The free workspace has a limit of 3 members. You must upgrade your workspace to invite more people to join your team or use advanced features.

Invite team members to a Project

Invite people to your projects directly when collaborating with people on specific projects, when the use of the Workspace advanced features (listed above) is not relevant or you don´t want the person to have visibility on your Workspace details.  - these are Project Guests.

1. Once your project is created, double-click on it to access the project details. From the Members tab, invite the team members to join the project and collaborate.

You can invite people who are already in your Cirkus network, or you can invite new people to Cirkus by adding their e-mail addresses.

Invite team members to a Task

You can assign non-project-related tasks to people. When you assign a task to someone, the task will appear in their task list and they will be notified to Accept or Decline the Task invite.

You can assign a task to an email address of a person who doesn’t have a Cirkus account, and they will be invited to register with Cirkus in order to see the task.

Invite team members from the iOS App

You can also invite people to your Tasks, Projects, and Workspace from the iOS App.

To assign non-project tasks to individuals or multiple people, tap on the "Assigned to" field in the "New Task" screen. 

To assign a task to someone who doesn´t have a Cirkus account, type their e-mail address in the ¨Search, or type an e-mail address to invite¨ area in the "Select Assignee" screen.  Then tap on the email address to select it, and click "Done". They will be invited to register with Cirkus in order to see the task.

If you want to assign a task to multiple people, after tapping on the "Assign to" field, tap on the bottom option "Add Multiple Assignees". 

Non project task assignment

To invite your team to a project, click on the project name to access the project details. Tap on ¨Members¨ and then on "People", where you can enter the e-mail address of the person to invite. Once you taped ¨Done¨ to add this person to the project, select a permission profile and role if needed for this person.

To know more about roles click here. 

To invite a person to a Workspace, tap on the name of the Workspace to access the Workspace details. Then tap on the "Members" tab and then on the "Add a New Member" option at the bottom of the screen. Enter the e-mail address of the person to invite, and select a permission profile and roles if needed. Finally, tap on "Done".

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