Cirkus Advanced Search and export

You can use Cirkus Advanced Search to query for Tasks, Bookings and Projects matching certain criteria, and export your results in a csv file format.
This is really useful if you need to extract information about what the team has been working on, and create reports, or import to another system.

In this article we will walk through how you can use Cirkus search queries in your Workspace

Advanced Search is only possible in Pro Workspaces.
For more information on upgrade options, visit our pricing page

There are two types of searched in Cirkus - , Quick search, which is on the menu bar (Mac and iOS), or top of the left menu (web), and Advanced Search, which you reach for the Search menu item.

- Quick Search allows you to quickly search for the top matches for tasks, projects or bookings.
From there you can quickly click on each result and jump to that item.
- Advanced Search is for advanced queries and exports.
We will cover that in more detail in the next sections.

When you click on the Search menu item, you come to a new view where you can search for Tasks, Projects and Bookings.

Example 1 - All tasks completed by Jim in the past month

  1. Click on the Tasks Tab.
  2. Click on (+) to add your first search criteria
  3. Then select "Done Date" Within Last 1 months
  4. Click on (+) to add your next search criteria
  5. Select "Assignees" "Contains Any Of" , and from the member selector, chose Jim.
  6. Hit [Search Now]

Example 2 - All Bookings for a resource on a Project

  1. Click on the Bookings Tab.
  2. Go to the Booking Conditions, and add a search for the Involved on the Booking (e.g Involved contains Bella)
  3. Then select Project Conditions "Number" is , or "Name" is "value (e.g Numbers is 128)
  4. Hit [Search ]

Saved and Shared Searches

You can save your search criteria to easily repeat the same searches.
To save a search criteria

  1. Go to the (..) Options menu on the bottom left of the Search view
  2. Click Save
  3. In the field that appears, enter a name for the search
  4. If you are a Workspace Administrator, you will also be given the option to "Share in Workspace?"
    If this option is selected, then the Search will become available to other members in the Workspace to select, otherwise it will only be available to the current user.
  5. Shared and Personal searches are accessed through the selector at the bottom of the view
  6. When a search is loaded, the options menu will allow you to "Clear Search", "Save" a modified search, "Save As.." a new search, or "Delete" the search (if permissions allow)

Exporting your results

When you have your results in the Mac app you can share them as a csv file using the "Share" option in the toolbar.
In web and iOS select Export to CSV.

When exporting you will be prompted for which fields, and their order, and which separator to use, and if you want to use the data in Microsoft Excel you should select that option, to ensure that the data is formatted correctly.

A sample Task export csv is attached to the end of this document

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