Working with External Collaborators and Freelancers in Cirkus

Cirkus has some great options to invite your external collaborators on your Projects and give them restricted access to your information.

Note: these permissions configurations apply to, for private cloud or on premise deployments these are configurable


Option 1: Invite to your Workspace, with Limited Permissions

If you want the invited user to be able to collaborate on Workspace features - Scheduling, Templates, Time Reporting and multiple projects, you can invite them to your Workspace.

They can be invited as Administrator, Member or Limited Permission profile in the Profile selector.

If you want to provide access to certain resources of the workspace, but control this access,

You can invite your collaborator as a Limited Members in a Workspace

  • Can NOT see projects or Scheduled Bookings from projects where they are not a member
  • Can NOT see Time report information for the Workspace, but can report time for themselves.
  • Can be Scheduled in Bookings and  Scheduled Tasks
  • Can see and edit the Workspace Schedule, but only for Projects where they are a member
  • Can create their own Projects 
  • Can see and use Task templates, Booking Templates and Project Templates, and submit Requests
  • Can be added to Workspace Member Groups and Roles
  • Can see all Workspace Members and Roles, but not edit/add/remove
  • Are counted towards your Workspace Subscription 
  • Cannot see project or subproject comments. If mentioned there, they will not be notified.  Can be notified from tasks where they have visibility with the @All Project mention and will be notified.

Booking and Schedule Permissions are not related to Limited/Member or Admin rights, they are controlled by the Can Book  settings for each user and must be set individually. The default here is full permissions Can Book “Anyone &Resources”, but it can be set to “Self”, “ Resources”, “None" or other combinations.

You can also invite your collaborator to the Workspace with a higher permission level if required for your workflow.

  • Member: Along with what Limited users can do, Members CAN also see and join all Projects, and see the Time reports for the Workspace.
  • Administrator : Full access to the Workspace, including inviting and removing members, deleting templates and projects.

Option 2: Invite to an Individual Project (Project Guests)

If you don't want to give your collaborator access to any of the Workspace information above, and you don't want to schedule them, you can invite them to individual Project , as a guest member.

Each Project can have one Guest.
These Members are not counted towards your Workspace subscription.

Project Guests (i.e project members are not members of the Workspace) 

  • Can collaborate on tasks in the project(s) where they are added (see Note below)
  • Can see only basic Workspace information and settings
  • Can NOT see or join any Workspace Project where they are not a member
  • Can NOT be Scheduled in Bookings or Show on the Timeline views for Scheduled Tasks
  • Can NOT see or submit task, booking or project requests (but can see tasks, bookings or projects already created)
  • Can NOT create Projects 
  • Can NOT be added to Workspace Member Groups and Roles
  • Can NOT see Workspace Members and Roles
  • Are NOT counted towards your Workspace Subscription numbers 
  • Can NOT submit Time Reports

Note: Within each Project you can decide the level of access an invited Guest can have for that Project by choosing their Project permission profiles.

  • Limited permission- can only see Tasks in the Project that are assigned to them or their roles, or Anyone. They cannot access project files, comments.
  • Member - Can see all project information. Can not make changes to Members, project Info, CFs, Subprojects, but can create new tasks


Note: in all these case you need to be on a Pro workspace, and have Advanced Member Management enabled for the Workspace. 

Ensure that the "All Workspace Members" group is not included in any project you want to remain internal.

1. Work on a specific Project and collaborate only on tasks assigned to them, no scheduling or time reporting.

- Invite the user as a Project Guest with Limited Permission Profile in the Project

2. Work on a specific Project and collaborate on all the tasks in the project, comment and add files to the Project, no scheduling or time reporting.

- Invite the user as a Project Guest with Member Permission Profile in the Project

3. Work on a one or more projects and collaborate on all the tasks and bookings of those project(s), and submit time reports. Not create bookings.

- Invite the user to the Workspace with Limited permissions, and add to each Project as needed.
Bookings from Projects where they are not a member will not be visible to them.

Set the Can Book in the Permissions Profile to be “None"

4. Be a bookable Resource in the schedule, who will never be assigned tasks, time report or login into Cirkus.

- Go to the Workspace>Resources and add a new Resource.

5. Temporarily remove access for a user who will rejoin or needs to be reported on in the future

- Edit the Workspace Member, and change the Active checkbox to False.
The member will remain in the Members list but will not be able to access the workspace.
Task and Booking assignments will stay with the user, but new tasks cannot be assigned to them.
They will not show as members of Roles in the Workspace or Schedule, but they will show in Custom Views if they have been added to Custom sections directly.
Inactive members do not count towards workspace subscriptions.
Inactive members can be reactivated later and regain access to the Workspace.

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