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A great way to manage your tasks is to group them into projects. This helps your team focus on the entire project and see all tasks that need to be completed. 

This article describes how to create Projects on our Mac, Web and iOS platforms, and how to filter in the Projects lists.

Creating a Project in Mac and Web Cirkus applications

To create a project, mouse over to the Menu Bar, and select ¨Add Project¨. This will open the Projects menu in the Content Viewer. 

Then click on the ¨Add Project¨ button at the top. In the drop-down menu, name your project and fill in the fields that are applicable to your project.

You can also use Project Templates to prepopulate Members, Tasks, dates, and Project Structure. See 
related article

Once your Project is created, double-click on it to access the project details.

Project Team Members

From the Team>Members tab, you can see the members of your project, and add new ones
A) If your Project is part of a free Workspace:
All Workspace members are project members, and no other members can be invited.

B) If your Project is part of a Pro Workspace:
- You can add Workspace members to your Project, using the "All" Members group.
- You can create your own Workspace groups, i.e `HR Team`, and add them to each project.
- You can invite 1 non-Workspace members to each project by typing their email address and [Add Member] These members are called "Guests". They will receive an invitation to join the Cirkus Project, by email/push/Inbox.
Note, that each Project has its own guest count. if a User is added to two projects, they count as a Guest in each Project. Guests do not have access to Workspace features like Templates, Scheduling, etc.

C) If your Project is not part of a Workspace (i.e Personal)
You can invite new Members to the project by typing their email address and [Add Member].

Project Subprojects and Tasks

Next, you can start adding Tasks and create Subprojects. Each task can be assigned to either one person ,a role or multiple people. 

Schedule Tab

If Scheduling is enabled in the Workspace in each Project there is a Schedule tab which shows all the Bookings and Scheduled Tasks of that project.

Bookings Tab

There is also a Bookings Tab in each Project, Subproject and Task which shows a list of the linked Bookings.

Add New Project from Existing

A great way to save time during project creation when your workflow requires creating several projects with the same fields, is to create a new project from an existing one. 

To do this, go to the projects list and right click on a project or subproject you would like to create a new project from.  From the drop-down menu, choose 'Add New Project From'. 

This will present a new project sheet where you can rename your new project which will include all fields, tasks and subprojects of the original project you've chosen to create a copy from. 

Project/Subproject Filtering, Sorting and Grouping

When working with your Projects /Subproject list, you have several options available to configure which Projects show and the order in which they appear.

There are two main settings - Filtering, which defines which Projects show in the list, Group & Sort, which define how those Projects will be shown.

Filter, Sort and Group Menus

You can access all the sorting and filtering Options for the projects and subprojects lists in the bottom of the view.
This applies to the main Projects list, Workspace > Projects, Projects > Subprojects and in the Project Template views. 

Main Project List:

Workspace > Projects List:In Projects > Subprojects tab

Filter Options

In each view click on the filter menu to see the available options.

-Open: Projects/Subprojects which are open currently being worked on. 

-Closed: Projects/Subprojects which have been closed and no longer active.

-Removed: Projects/Subprojects which have been removed (and not yet permanently deleted).

-Pending Approval: Projects which are pending an approval from a designated approver.

Sort and Group Options

In the right side of the projects footer are the Sort and Group options.

Default Sort and Group Options:

- By Manual Order: This is the order that is shared with all users, it is the order of Projects within a Workspace which is shared with all users, or the order of Subprojects in a Project. 
- By Name: Groups Projects with the same Workspace together, and Sorts Projects in each section alphabetically a->z.
- By Due Date: Groups Projects with the same Due Date together, and within each section they are sorted by Due Date/Time earlier to later.
- By Custom Field - Groups Projects by the value of a Custom Field i.e client name, file type, custom priority. Projects with the same Custom Field value are grouped together, Projects in each section are ordered alphabetically a->z.

The available sorting and grouping can depend on the filter selected, for example in the Removed or Canceled filter it is not possible to apply the sorting and grouping, these are always grouped by Removed/Canceled date.

Advanced Sort and Group Options:

In the "Change.." you can access Advanced Options and decide on different Grouping and Sorting for your workflow.

Example 1: Group by Custom Field (Air Date), Sort by Name

Example 2: Group by Due Date, Sort by Custom Field (Air Date)

Note that the Sorted criteria (Custom Field value), will always show in the Project cell.

Recently applied Sort and Grouping criteria are stored in a Recent list for easy access.

Starred Projects

You can also ⭐️Star Projects and they will be pinned to the top of the main Projects list regardless of the applied filter.
You can toggle the star, in the Project cell, on the Project header. or select multiple Projects and right click to Toggle Star on mac.

Note that these Projects only appear in the Starred Items section in the Projects list, they are not duplicated in the original position. Starred Projects will not be pinned to the top of the Workspace > Projects or Projects > Subprojects tab. 

Creating a project on your iPhone or iPad (iOS App)

You can create new projects by using your iPhone. Tap on Projects on the left main Cirkus menu and tap on "Add Project".

Then, fill in all necessary details and tap Done. 

Once your project is created, tap on its name to access the project details and continue with adding members, roles, and tasks. 

You can apply a project template from the "New Project" screen. Tap the "Add Project Template" option and select one of your pre-configured templates. To learn more about the project templates feature click here.

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