How to Configure Project Templates

Do you regularly work on the same type of projects, or you already have a great process to deliver your projects that you would like to reuse?

With Cirkus Project Templates we can help you to get your Cirkus show on the road quickly and easily.

Project Templates allow you to define tasks, members, roles, and subprojects you regularly have in a project, and make them available in any project you create.
As the administrator of your organization, you can create and manage as many templates as you like for your team.

When you create a Project in Cirkus, you have the option to choose from the available Project Templates.

Create a Project Template from an existing project on Cirkus iOS, Web and Mac platforms.

As an Admin of a Project select the Project Info tab.
Click on "Save as Project Template...".
A sheet will appear where you can enter the name of the project template, and a description of it.
You can optionally add a Default Description which will be used as the Description on any project created from this template.

on iOS

Create a Project Template from scratch on Cirkus Web and Mac platforms.

1. As an Administrator of your Organization select 'Organizations"

2. Click the "Project Templates" tab.

3. Type a name for your new template and click "Add Project Template".

4. Double click on the project template name to access the Project template configuration, and add the template content.


Description: Here you can add some information which explains what the template can be used for.
Default Project Description: This is an optional field. If this is complete in the template it will become the default description of any project where this template is applied.



Add a team of people to the project template who will be part of all projects using this template.

Again this is optional. Leave the project members blank if you want to explicitly add them to each project you create. 



Optionally add the roles that will take part in projects using this template. 

A useful trick is to add roles and assign tasks to those roles in a template. Then when you set up your project, you just add the members who will perform the roles in that specific project, and ta-da! you have all your tasks correctly assigned.


Optionally add subprojects to your template to add an extra level of organization for tasks, or to define project stages or milestones.


 Optionally add your tasks to the template which will be added to all projects using this template.

Create a Project Template from scratch on iOS platform 

1. As an Administrator of your Organization select 'Organizations"

2. Click the "Project" tab, then "Templates"

3. select  "Add Project Template".

4. A new sheet will appear where you can add the name, description and default description for your project template.
5. Click "Done"

Now in the Project template list, you will see your new template.

Select it to add Information, Members, Sunprojects, Roles and Tasks that will always be created when this template is used.

Using Project Templates for your Projects.
On web and Mac platforms

1. Click on Projects

2. Select Add Project button

3. In the sheet select an Organization, a name for your project and you can select a due date, description and group.

4. Select the template you want to use for your new project. You can select from the list of templates available in the selected Organization.

Click OK.

On Cirkus iOS it's the same steps...when you add a new project you can select from the available Project Templates for your Organization.

Now you are all set to start your new project and it will be up and running instantly, with the Members, roles, subprojects and tasks that you need.

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