Create New Project from Existing (Add New Project From..)

If you need to create a new batch of work similar to a Project you already worked on, you can use the "Add New Project From.." feature.

Go to the Projects List
- On Mac, right click on the Project > Select "Add New Project From.."

On Web, click Edit, select the project , then click More Actions > Add New Project From.."

On iOS, swipe the Project, for More Actions > Add New Project From.."

You will be presented with a New project sheet, where you can edit project information before submitting.

The following are populated from the source project.

• Name (copy appended to previous project name)

•  Workspace

•  Project Template 

•  Custom fields and values

•  Description 

•  Color

The following fields/ data are NOT  populated in the sheet.
They are empty, or are taken from the Project Template if applied.

•  Number - not copied

•  Dates - not copied

•  Files - not copied

• Milestone - not copied

• Status - not copied 

•  Members, Roles, Subprojects , Tasks - these are not copied. they will be applied per the template if any is applied

Click OK and your new project will be created

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