Managing your Cirkus Contacts

In Cirkus you have a list of direct and indirect contacts listed in the Contacts page.
There are two types of contacts:
- My Contacts - people you have invited directly to Cirkus
- Other Contacts - This list is built from all the people you have collaborated with

Working with Contacts in Cirkus

When you assign a task, or invite users to a project, suggestions from your contact list are presented for you to easily pick them.

Managing Contacts in Cirkus

Adding new contacts

You can add new contacts to "My Contacts" by typing their email address in the Contacts fields and clicking [Add Contact].
An invite to join Cirkus will be sent to the email address specified.

Remove Contacts from your list

If you are no longer collaborating with a particular person, and you no longer wish them to be suggested, you can remove them from your Contacts list.
Note, this only affects your own list, it does not remove them from Cirkus, or any shared workspace or projects.

Remove Contacts/Users from Cirkus (private server only)

In a private cloud or on premise server one or more users can be System Admin profile, this means they have permissions to remove users from the entire system.
To do this, confirm with your Cirkus server administrator that you have this profile.
If you have this profile you will see the option to Permanently Remove from Contact in the Contact list contextual menu on mac and in the Contact Inspector Options (...) on web.
Confirm in the confirmation sheet presented, and the user is removed from the system. 

Warning! there is no undo!

When a user is removed from the system, (or deletes their own account ) they are replaced by "Anonymous User" and their task assignment and comments are attributed to that user.

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