Working with Members and Groups

Groups provide a way to add large teams or many members to a project at once. For example, in the HR Organization you may have a number of people working in a Training team. If a new project has some training needs, the Training Group can be added to the project instead of the individual members.
You are prompted to add available groups to a project in your Organization when you create it. You may notice that there is a default group you can select which includes all members of your organization.

To create a group double click on the organization where you want to add the Group. Then, navigate to the Groups tab and type  the group name. Once the group is created, double-click on the group name and add the members to the group.

The Profile and Role you select for each member is the one that will apply in the project where this group is added.
The follow Profile options are available.
- Administrators will have full access to the project configuration and membership.
- Members can see all tasks and create new ones.
- Limited members can only see the project tasks that they are involved in.

More information on Roles functionality is available in the Roles tutorial video.

Once groups are configured for your Organization, select the project to which you want to add groups, then navigate to the members tab. Here, you can type the name of the group to add it to the project. Once the group is added, you can see the group members and roles under the group name.

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