Public Request Forms

Cirkus Public Request Forms are online web forms to submit requests for Bookings, Tasks or Projects, without needing a Cirkus login.
Public Requests are set up in the same way as other Request types, using Templates.
They can be configured by a Workspace Admin to cover a wide range of submissions, including Resource Booking Requests, new Client Project Requests, Support Tickets and Deliverable Task / Media Order Requests.

This article covers Public Requests for those already familiar with Templates. If you are new to Cirkus Templates or Requests, refer to the related articles first:

- Task Requests
- Booking Requests
Project Requests

Lets see what’s possible:

Setting up Templates for Public Requests 

On (Cirkus Public cloud)  you can make a Template available for external request submissions using the Public Request toggle in the  Info tab.

When the switch is toggled ON, two options appear in the menu

- Copy Public URL: Clicking this link copies the direct link to your web request form.
Anyone who has this link can submit a request to your Workspace.
- Reset URL: Clicking this link invalidates the current direct link and creates a new one.
Anyone with the old link will no longer be able to use it to submit requests.

You will need to copy the new link, and share it.

Toggle OFF the switch to disabled access to submit requests using the link.

Note on Task Templates: As Tasks must be created within a Project, you must select at least one or more Projects where the submitted tasks will be created.. If a Task Template is made available as a public request without a pre-selected Project(s), the workspace Admin will show a warning, and the Request cannot be submitted.

Requests submitted via the Public form are “Anonymous”.
If you need to capture some information about the Requestor, this should be added as a Custom Field on the Template

Submitting a Public Requests

If you have been shared a link to a Cirkus public request, it will have a URL with this pattern<key>

Clicking on this link should open a webpage, with the form loaded directly in a dialog. 
There is no requirement to login or have a Cirkus account to access this form and submit a request.
If the link shows an error, please contact the Workspace Administrator to confirm the correct link.

Complete the form and click Add.

A confirmation screen is shown, and the Request is submitted.
There is no further collaboration options to follow up the Request or confirmation to the requestor via Cirkus.
This must be done separately to the Request process.

Collaborating on Tasks, Bookings or Projects submitted via a Public Request Form

Requests submitted via a Public Request Form are “Anonymous”.

The creator of the Request is always “Requestor”, and it’s not possible to mention or notify the requestor via Cirkus, as they are not a Cirkus member.

If you want to collect any other information from the Requestor, you should add a mandatory Custom Field in your template for this.

Public Request Limits and Pricing

Public Requests are only available on Templates which are part of a Pro Workspace Plan.
The number of requests per month are limited by the number of Members in the Workspace.
In 10 Requests per month can be submitted per licensed Workspace Member. i.e in a Workspace with 20 licensed members, 200 Public requests can be submitted per month across the whole Workspace.
When the limit is reached, Requestors will receive an on screen notification that the limit is reached.
The number of used/available requests are visible on the Workspace>Info tab (only on Cirkus web)

It is possible to purchase additional top-up request allowances. please contact our team for further information. 

Private Cloud / SSO Options : Authenticated Public Requests

If you have Cirkus as a Private clouded service, and you are using an Enterprise SSO solution, you have some additional options for requests.
You can allow fully anonymous Public access (same as above), or you can set up “Authenticated Requests”.

Authenticated Requests can only be submitted by those who pass your SSO provider authentication.

When an “Authenticated Public request” is submitted, the requestor will receive a configurable email from Cirkus to let them know the next steps in the process. They will not have a Cirkus account created.

If available from your SSO provider, the Requestor first name and last name will also be added as the Request creator in Cirkus (rather than  “Requestor” in Anonymous public requests).

These options are set up on your private Cirkus server, by your Server Administrator, and can be changed by contacting
1) Authenticationtrue or false.

trueSSO Authentication is enforced
false: Anonymous Public Requests can be submitted
2)  Reply-To email: This is the email address that will receive any replies to the automated email e.g bookings@company.ex
3) Email Body: This is the text of the confirmation email send to the Requestor 

e.g Thank you for your request. We will contact you within 24 hours. If you have any queries in the meantime please contact bookings@company.ex, or reply to this email.

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