Cirkus SSO for Administrators: OKTA

  1. This article is aimed at OKTA  Administrators, to understand the requirements to integrate a Cirkus private server with your SSO Server 

Single sign-on (SSO) via OKTA  lets you sign up and/or log in with your OKTA account to access the Cirkus applications on web, iOS, and mac.

  • If OKTA SSO is turned on, all of your existing Workspace members will need to login with OKTA  and their accounts will be linked if they use the same email address in both systems

  • New users can sign up for Cirkus using the SSO OKTA  link.

Cirkus SSO for OKTA  is only available on Cirkus Private deployments.
Step 1: Set up in OKTA, and note configuration info to pass to Cirkus support
Follow these steps to add Cirkus to your Okta account for the first time.

  1. Log in to your organization's Okta Admin Dashboard (

  2. From the Applications menu choose “Applications”and Create App Integration with the following settings:
    a) OIDC - OpenID Connect & Single-Page Application should be selected.

    b) add Cirkus logo (optional)
    You can download Cirkus log from here:
     to URI provided by Cirkus team.


                c) Choose your preferred application assignment policy:

Confirm your settings, for reference the full configuration should look like the below

  1. Retrieve the below settings and provide to Cirkus team:
    - client_id

-  domain 

Step 2: Enable OKTA Log in with SSO on your server (via Cirkus Support)

- Send the, domain, client_id, and authorisation server id to cirkus support securely, we will configure the SSO on your private server.
- Generally when SSO is configured, it is the only authentication permitted, i.e signin/up with username and password is no longer allowed. If you require a different configuration please let Cirkus Support know.
- If you already have signed up with username/password before enabling SSO, and you used the same email address as you have in OKTA, your accounts will be linked the first time you authenticate with OKTA.
- For Cirkus Mac and iOS apps, an updated application with this SSO config may be required on your provisioning service (App Store or proprietary service)

When OKTA is configured the web signing page will look like this.

Clicking Continue with OKTA will open a web popup

If Authentication is successful the user will be logged in or signed up in Cirkus.
If Authentication is not successful the user will be returned to the login page with a “authentication unsuccessful” message

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