Cirkus SSO for Administrators: Entra ID

This article is aimed at Entra ID (Microsoft 365/Azure) Administrators, to understand the requirements to integrate a Cirkus private server with your SSO Server 

Single sign-on (SSO) via Microsoft lets you sign up and/or log in with your Microsoft 365 / Azure / Entra account to access the Cirkus applications on web, iOS, and mac.

To log in with Microsoft SSO, you will first need to have your Microsoft account linked to your Cirkus account.

  • If SSO is turned on, all of your existing Workspace members will need to login with SSO and their accounts will be linked if they use the same email address in both systems

  • New users can sign up for Cirkus using the SSO link.

Cirkus SSO for Entra is only available on Cirkus Private deployments.

Step 1: Set up in MS  (Azure Administrator)

1.Register a new Single-page application (SPA) 
Go to your Entra admin panel and register an application  (you can choose  a different “Supported account type” setting if needed).
For the “Redirect URI” field, use the URL of your Cirkus service (usually If you are unsure please ask us at

Take a note of the “Application (client) ID” and “Directory (tenant) ID” values  that will be displayed after creation (as these values will need to be shared with Cirkus technical team to be able to  finish the setup).

2. Configure Application settings
Go to the application created in previous step (“Applications” → “App registrations” → “All applications”) and select “Authentication” tab from the menu:
Make sure you have “Single-page application” type and the Redirect URI set correctly:

Scroll down and in the “Implicit grant and hybrid flows” section select both - “Access tokens” and “ID tokens”:

3. For SSO Cirkus Mac & iOS app.
For mac and iOS applications, click “Add a platform” button and select “iOS/macOS” platform type:

The “Bundle ID” values required in the next step should be provided by Cirkus team (the below is just an example).  If you are unsure please ask us at

On the next step, you should see configuration details similar to the below:

Take a note of them as they will need to be passed to Cirkus team.

Step 2: Enable Log in with SSO (Cirkus Support)

Pass the following information to your implementation team at

Application (client) ID
Directory (tenant) ID

along with the

iOS/MacOS Bundle ID, Redirect URI and MSAL Configuration

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