farmerswife - Cirkus Integration

The new farmerswife - Cirkus integration, that is introduced in 6.6 SP1 allows you to:

  • Sync projects and their custom fields from farmerswife to Cirkus
  • Have the projects created in Cirkus created with a default or specified template
  • Bi-directional sync of custom fields i.e changes can be made in both farmerswife and Cirkus and be in sync.
  • All new projects created in farmerswife can also be created in Cirkus.
  • All projects in Cirkus can be sent to farmerswife


If you don't want to enable the integration and if you want to remove the Cirkus Prompt from your Project Window, go to Toolbox > Settings > Miscellaneous and disable: Show Cirkus Info When Not Setup.

Migration from old to new Cirkus integration

If you are using the existing integration (v1), follow these steps:

1. Disable the v1 farmerswife - Cirkus integration by going to the Toolbox > Settings tab > Server Setup > Setup > Disconnect Cirkus Account:

2) Then enable the new integration on the server. If you are cloud hosted, please contact

Go to the Server > Server Setup > General tab > Cirkus Connector.

Follow now the instructions of the New Cirkus Integration steps below.

Active Projects that are in Cirkus won't be synced again to farmerswife if they already exist in farmerswife.

There are some settings which will smooth the transition from the v1 integration to the v2 integration. See settings below: Cirkus option inside of the farmerswife Edit Project window.

New Cirkus Integration Server Setup

To set up integration got to the Server > Setup > General.

In the Server > Setup > General Tab, there is a new section called Cirkus Connector.

Step 1: Set API Key
This is the key of a user who already registered on Cirkus. We recommend you use a specific integration user for this account i.e To retrieve the API key, login to Cirkus as that user, and browse to the User Preferences>API Keys tab.

Type a new name for the key and press Enter.
The key will be created, and you can select to copy the key to your clipboard.

Now back in the farmerswife server set up.

Click on the menu item to the left of the Cirkus Connector, select API Key and paste the key from your Clipboard.

Step 2: Select a Workspace

If you don't have a workspace in Cirkus you will need to create one. Click on the menu item to the left of the Cirkus Connector > Set Workspace.
A list of available workspaces is shown, select the one that all the synced projects in farmerswife will connect with.

Step 3: Configure the options for your Integration

Project Templates

In the Project Templates section you can select a Default Cirkus Project Template. All projects that are created in farmerswife and synched to Cirkus will have that template applied. The project templates are set up in Cirkus.

If you create a new Project in farmerswife in the Cirkus section of the Project the Default Template will be automatically selected in the  Template selector field. However you will still have to Confirm this selection again when you OK or Save the Project for the first time. Background is that you can't change the Project Custom Field later in Cirkus.

Note: If "Sync New FW Projects To Cirkus By Default" setting is set to "None", you can select which template is applied to each Project when you chose to sync it! 

Map Cirkus Template To FW Project Custom Template

If you use Project Custom Fields in farmerswife you can map those with Cirkus Project Custom Fields. Select the option: Map Cirkus Template to FW Project Custom Template.

First select a Cirkus Project Template then a farmerswife Project Custom Field Template so both will be mapped. All Custom Fields of both Templates will be shown in one section in the Cirkus Project. Project Custom Fields from Cirkus will show at the top, below farmerswife Project Custom Fields.

Please note, the mapping will only work, if you actively select the Project Custom Field Template in farmerswife when you create the Project. It won't work with the default Project Custom Fields that are displayed when creating the Project, even if those are coming from your default farmerswife Project Custom Field template.

You can add various mapping actions, like Cirkus Project template 1 will map with farmerswife Project Custom Field template: Commercial, Cirkus template 2 will map with farmerswife's Feature Film Project Custom Field template and so on. 

Sync Time

Here you can select how often the sync will run. Recommended option is every 10 second.

Sync Mode 

These settings only apply to the Custom Field and the Project Status changes, not about the option if a Project is synced from or to farmerswife/Cirkus.

Bidirectional - This will sync project status and custom field changes made on either platform to the other one.
FW to Cirkus - This will sync project status and custom field changes made on FW to Cirkus only.
Cirkus to FW - This will sync project status and custom field changes made on Cirkus to FW only
Master to Slave - This will sync project status and custom field changes made on the platform where the project was first created, to the other one.

Fields To Never Sync to FW

If there are fields which are "master" in FW, you can select to never accept updates on those fields from Cirkus. Project Number is selected by default here.

Active  = refers to the Active button in farmerswife and the Open Yes/No slider in Cirkus.

Description = is the Project Note in farmerswife and the description field in Cirkus.

Name = in both cases the name of the Project

Number = in farmerswife this number will be given by default and might be linked to specific project number creation magic, in Cirkus you can edit this number yourself. If this is set to never sync, even if you gave a specific number in Cirkus, in farmerswife this project will get a new farmerswife Project Number.

Fields to Never Sync to Cirkus

If there are fields which are "master" in Cirkus, you can select to never accept updates on those fields from FW. All your custom fields are available to choose from as well as other fields: Client, Closed, Contact, Email, Note and Number.

Sync New FW Projects To Cirkus By Default

If this setting is checked, and integration is enabled, then any new Project created in farmerswife will be created in the selected Workspace in Cirkus.
Existing Projects in farmerswife will have a "Cirkus Sync" button in the Edit Project window to create a synced Cirkus project.

If the setting is unchecked, and integration is enabled, new farmerswife Projects will not trigger the creation of a synced Project on creation. However you can enable manually the "Cirkus Sync" button in the Edit Project window to create a synced Cirkus project.

Auto Create Active Cirkus Projects In farmerswife

If this setting is checked, and integration is enabled, then all active Cirkus projects will be created in farmerswife when you turn on the integration.
Any new projects created in Cirkus will also be created in farmerswife.

Change Server URL: 

Here you can update the Cirkus url, if you are using an onsite or private Cirkus installation.
The default is, the public cloud service.

Reset Sync
This is for testing purposes only. Here you can reset the sync - it won't reset your sync settings selected above but will allow you to sync with a new workspace. 

A warning window will ask you to confirm this action as this could cause duplicates, etc. You should never use this on the same farmerswife database.

Open Cirkus
This link will open the site, or the Cirkus mac application if you have it installed.

Step 4: Enable Integration

Click on the menu again, and select "Enabled"

Check the status of the connection below the Cirkus Connector logo.
It should say "Connected".

Cirkus option inside of the farmerswife Edit Project window

Cirkus Sync - Sync To Existing Cirkus Project

You can use this option if you need to sync a farmerswife Project to an existing Cirkus project. Once clicked a "Sync To Cirkus Project window appears and let's you select from the drop down any active Cirkus project.

Once a farmerswife Project is synced with Cirkus "Not Done Tasks:" and "Done Tasks" will show in the Cirkus section of the farmerswife Project indication how many active Tasks you have in the synced Cirkus project and how many Done Tasks. A blue circle icon will show in a pie chart look how many of the Tasks are done by now. Once all are done, the circle will be fully blue.

Canceled Cirkus Tasks will not count here.

The next two options below are available if a Project is synced with Cirkus. Click on the drop down menu right before the Cirkus icon and select on of these options: 

New Task

It will redirect you to the Cirkus project (either app or web - whatever you have installed) and will let you create a new Task for this Project. 


There are two options here: 

Disable Sync For This Project: Will stop the sync of this Project. Nothing will be updated anymore. You will get the message: Changes Will Apply When Project Is Saved. If you want to re-sync, you will just need to slide the Sync button the right to reinstate the sync to Cirkus. The link is kept and farmerswife knows to which project in Cirkus this 

Forget Sync For This Project: Will stop the sync of this Project and "forget" that it was ever synced, so the next time you want to "re-link" this Project to Cirkus, you will get the dropdown of all available Projects in Cirkus that you want to sync this Project with.

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