Trigger Custom Notification Emails

We have a  feature to allow you to send custom emails based on task events.

For example this can allow you to notify a team leader if a critical task arrived for their team, and include in this notification the task creator, description, due date, and other key fields.

You can also notify email addresses outside of Cirkus, if something happens on a task they should know about.

Note: this configuration is only available on out Mac OS application for now, but once set up emails will trigger for actions on any platform.

Let's look at some examples:

Example 1: Send a custom email to John when a critical Compression task is submitted.

In this example send an email like the one below to an external email address (John) containing dynamic task information (name, due date) when a task matches certain criteria (Critical).

Email triggers are configured at a Workspace level. You must be Workspace Administrator to set them up.

Browse to your Workspace>Details and go to the Triggers tab.

Type the name of your new Trigger and click the [Add Trigger] button.

Double click your new trigger in the list to configure it.

From here you see three tabs: Info, Conditions and Actions.
In Info tab you select which tasks the trigger should apply to.

If you want it to apply on all tasks select  "Tasks " , but if you have set up task templates they will also appear here and you can select to only apply this rule to specific task types.

We will apply our example only to compression requests task type.

Now go to the next tab, "Conditions".
Here you select what is the condition that will trigger the email.

You can select quite complex scenarios here, for various task status and field content.

In our example we will select to trigger an email if the task priority is critical AND the "Target "  field  = "Social"

You could select many options, for example
- if the task is Critical OR High Priority.
- If the task is High Priority and the task status is On Hold.
- If the task has FastTrack=TRUE and Source Media is empty.

Tip: Select the condition "Task Exists" = True, to trigger an action when a task is created.

Now go to the Actions Tab. You can create one or multiple actions for this trigger.

"Notify" will send a standard email/Inbox/push notification with just the task name.
"Assign Task" will add an the assignee of the task based on a trigger.
"Send Email" allows the advanced email setup.

We select "Send Email" for the custom email action.

In the Details tab in the Action dialog, you add all the information about who to send the email to, and the subject, locale and timezone.
In the To, CC and BCC fields you can type email addresses, or click the (...) options tab to insert to notify the creator of the task.


Now go to the Email Body Tab, this is where the real  customization can happen.

You can write your own content for the email body, including dynamic information from the task which you insert from the menu selector.

So let's create an email which will tell John  the task name, requestor, description, project and some information about the target of this compression request.

Now that this is set up every time a new critical compression  task is created, with a social media target John will receive an email like the following

Any information from the task can be included in this email, and it can be sent to both internal cirkus users, and external email addresses.

To recap here is how the email mapping is done in our example

The email builder in Cirkus is a html editor, so you can create custom html content here for branding or formatting of the email and paste it in here, using the dynamic task data.

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