Shortcuts and Folders

Sometimes you need to get straight to the point.

In the latest release of Cirkus, you can now create personal Folders and Shortcuts on your left menu, and quickly get to where you need to be.

You can create a new Folder from the side bar using the + symbol.

On Cirkus for Mac and Web you can then drag and drop Tasks, Bookings, Projects, Subprojects, or Workspaces that you want to access quickly.

You can also drag Tasks, Bookings, Projects, Subprojects, or Workspaces directly to the left menu to create direct Shortcuts to your more important work 

On iOS you can swipe to select (or Edit and select multiple), and add them to a Folder, or create as a direct Shortcut.

Folders on Cirkus iOS

Any shortcuts or folders created on any devices are available on all your devices.

You can remove Folders, Items in folders and Shortcuts with a right swipe in iOS, or right click in Mac.

Hover on the item on the web platform, and click the x to remove it from your list.

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