Syncing Cirkus Tasks to farmerswife as Project Services

Cirkus Configuration Steps

In the current synced Organization, create a Cirkus Task Template with the following configurations:

1. The Task Template name must match the name of a farmerswife Service.

2. The Project field must be set to "Any Project", or include any of the already synced farmerswife Projects.

3. Create a new Field "Service in farmerswife" as Selector Type, with Options: "Yes" and "No". And set the option "Yes" as default by ticking the checkbox.

How a Cirkus Task syncs to farmerswife as a Project Service

Any Cirkus Task created in any of the already synced farmerswife Projects, using this Task Template with the option "Service in farmerswife" enabled (by default yes), will be synced to farmerswife as a Project Service.

When creating a Cirkus Task, the user can change the value of the "Service in farmerswife" field to No and the Task will not be synced.

farmerswife synced Service details

  • The Cirkus Task status "Not Done" or "Done" will be displayed at the top-right corner of the Service line in the farmerswife Edit Project window.
  • The quantity will always be 1 and not editable.
  • The Buy and Sell rates will be editable. As usual, the rates come from the Object Manager, unless a Rate Card is applied.
  • The creator of these Services will show the Cirkus icon.
  • A farmerswife User cannot remove a synced Service. Only by deactivating the whole farmerswife <-> Cirkus Sync, the option to remove a Service will be available.
  • When deleting a Cirkus Task, if the synced farmerswife Service is Invoiced it will not be removed.

Cirkus actions that cause the deletion of the farmerswife Service synced to that Task

  • Changing the value of the "Service in farmerswife" field to "No" in an already synced Task.
  • Changing the status of a Task to Canceled.
  • Removing or permanently removing Tasks, even when farmerswife Project is inactive.
  • Removing a synced Project, where the Task belongs.
  • If the Cirkus Task Template is removed, the Cirkus Task will continue to belong to that template because Cirkus doesn't remove that link. For this reason, this action will not cause the deletion of a farmerswife Service.

IMPORTANT: None of these actions in Cirkus will trigger a warning that the Service will be deleted in farmerswife.

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