farmerswife integration with Cirkus

Cirkus is a new Task Management tool which has been developed by the farmerswife team.
If you’d like to know more about what Cirkus can do, visit us at

In farmerswife v6.3 we introduced the option to integrate your farmerswife projects with Cirkus.

When configured, you can automatically create your farmerswife projects and users within Cirkus. Any update to a farmerswife project status is also sent to Cirkus, and the number of open tasks in Cirkus is available from the farmerswife Edit Project window.

Let’s say you have a project where you have a list of technician tasks that don’t need to be booked at a specific date or time. Using Cirkus integration this “To do” list of tasks is managed in Cirkus. The status can be updated by the technician there. They can attach files and share with a client if needed, and from farmerswife you can easily see what work is pending.

Not sure if Cirkus is the tool for you, or how it can work with your farmerswife projects? Go ahead try it, it’s free! Download Cirkus from the App Store and sign up. 

Even without using integration with farmerswife, Cirkus can be used as a standalone task management tool to manage tasks and todos.

This is our first release of Cirkus, and it’s integration with farmerswife, we would love to have your valuable feedback to help us to develop the product.

Configure your farmerswife to Cirkus integration


1) Internet access from your farmerswife server.
2) A shared email account which can be used for the integration. You should not use one individual email address for this.
3) Access to the Toolbox Server setup on your farmerswife server.

Step 1: Connect farmerswife to Cirkus

We recommend creating a new Cirkus account specifically for farmerswife integration.

From toolbox > Server setup > Cirkus Connection > click on Cirkus Setup.

If you have already a dedicated account created for integration, you can enter your Cirkus email account and password here.

If you don’t have yet an account, click on  ̈Create A New Cirkus Account ̈.
This will open a new page ( on your web browser where you can complete the Sign Up process.

When you have created the account, click “Connect” to connect the systems. You can cancel the process by clicking “Cancel”.

There is an option to unlink the current Cirkus account used for integration by clicking the “Disconnect Cirkus Account” button in the “Cirkus Setup” window. This will disable the integration and allow a new account to be configured.

Step 2: Select the Cirkus Organization where the projects should be created.

Once farmerswife and Cirkus are connected, you need to select the Organization in Cirkus where the farmerswife projects and users will be created.
You can find more information about what an Organization is in Cirkus in our training videos here

In summary, an Organization is a container for projects and users. Usually it will be your company, group, or department name.

If you just registered the Cirkus account, it will not be a member of any Organization yet, so the “Create A Cirkus Organization" window will pop up, allowing you to create one directly from here.

If the account is already a member of an Organization, you can select one of the Organizations by clicking on the “Select A Cirkus Organization” button in the Cirkus Setup window.

Select an Update Time

Now we need to decide how often we want to send updates from farmerswife to Cirkus.

When you are setting up it would make sense to set this to "Every 5 Minutes” to allow you to quickly see the changes, but during "live operations" setting the "Update Time" to "Every 60 Minutes" or even just once every 24h can be enough. It really depends on your needs.

You can always force an update outside of this schedule, by clicking “Update Now”.

Creating farmerswife users in Cirkus

farmerswife users can be automatically created in Cirkus, and they will be able to access the projects and tasks assigned to them directly from there.
If you have not already configured integration, please follow the above steps in this article.
When integration is configured, from the Cirkus setup window, tick the option  ̈Invite All Users ̈ if you want to invite all active users in your farmerswife to Cirkus. To decide which users you want to add, you can click “Select Users To Invite”.
Each of the users invited will receive an email inviting them to join the Cirkus Organization.

Note: When adding new farmerswife users after the initial setup, they will be invited to Cirkus only if the “Invite All Users” box is selected. Otherwise you will need to invite them individually.

Integrate farmerswife projects with Cirkus

farmerswife projects can be automatically created in Cirkus. 

These are empty projects (Unless you use the Project template feature) where you can create tasks that do not need to be booked, or project todos. If you have not already configured integration, please follow the above steps in this article.
When integration is configured, from the Cirkus setup window, tick the option “Sync New Projects By Default ̈ if you want to add all newly created projects in Cirkus. To decide which projects you want to create, you can click “Select Projects To Create”.

Note: When adding new farmerswife projects after the setup, they will be created in Cirkus only if the “Sync New Project By Default” box is selected. Otherwise you will need to add them individually. To add projects which were created before the integration setup, use the option ¨Select Projects to create.

After the project has been created, any changes to project name, number, or status updates in farmerswife will be sent to Cirkus.
When a project exists on Cirkus, in the project window, there is a  ̈Cirkus ̈ logo icon with the tool tip  ̈Open Project in Cirkus ̈ to open the linked Cirkus project. Next to the Cirkus logo icon, the total number of "Not Done" tasks for this project is displayed.
When closing a project in farmerswife with "Not Done" tasks in Cirkus, a warning pop-up message will be displayed allowing you to close the project in both farmerswife and Cirkus, or just in farmerswife (“Confirm without sync”).

To exclude a specific Project from sending updates to Cirkus, tick the option  ̈Don't Sync To Circus". 

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